Employees Of GOODSOUND Acoustic Actively Participate In Caring Blood Donation Activities Jul 27,2022

Blood is known as the "River of Life", and life cannot exist without it for a moment. Blood is not a product of labor. It can only be obtained by blood donations from the majority of healthy, age-appropriate citizens. Every year in my country, millions of people donate blood for free, which relieves the suffering of millions of wounded and sick. Donating blood is a noble manifestation of the spirit of humanity and fraternity. Voluntary blood donation is a social public welfare undertaking related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Voluntary blood donation is not only a noble manifestation of humanitarian spirit, but also an important symbol of social civilization.

On July 19, when the announcement of the unpaid blood donation activity was released, it received a positive response from the company's employees, including party members and cadres who have worked for many years, as well as energetic young employees. Some female employees also actively joined the blood donation team. At 9:00 a.m. on July 20th, people who participated in blood donation waited early at the blood collection point.

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Under the guidance of the staff, the employees of GOODSOUND Acoustic truthfully presented the health QR code, filled out the blood donation registration form, and actively cooperated with the medical staff to complete the necessary physical examination and blood type test in accordance with the relevant regulations on voluntary blood donation. The entire blood donation activity was in an orderly manner.

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After the physical examination and test results show that they are qualified, eligible blood donors board the blood donation car to collect blood.

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The medical staff in the blood donation car also specially prepared glucose water for the blood donors, and carefully informed the blood donors about the precautions after blood donation. On that day, some people who were temporarily not eligible for blood donation due to physical examination felt very sorry for not being able to do so, but they said they would continue to support unpaid blood donation in the future and do their best for social welfare.

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In this voluntary blood donation activity, a total of 10 employees of GOODSOUND Acoustic who met the blood donation conditions "supplemented" the blood bank of Foshan Nanhai Blood Station with fresh blood, and the total amount of blood donation was 4,000 ml. In the future, GOODSOUND Acoustic will continue to organize the majority of employees to participate in voluntary blood donation activities, practice the social responsibility of private enterprises, and contribute to social love.

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