Leaders of Nanhai District Civil Affairs Bureau visited GOODSOUND Acoustic Group Mar 20,2024

On March 20, district and town leaders visited GOODSOUND Acoustic Group for guidance. Chairperson Huang Xiaogang accompanied the leaders to visit the company's marketing center, product experience center, acoustic decoration design institute, etc., and introduced the brand development history, corporate culture, and future development and planning of GOODSOUND Acoustic Group to the leaders in detail. The leaders expressed their appreciation and recognition for GOODSOUND Acoustic Group's consistent emphasis on product technology innovation, corporate culture building, and party building work, which further deepened their understanding of GOODSOUND Acoustic Group.

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The leaders were deeply attracted by the product performance testing and gave consistent praise and appreciation to the product innovation and professionalism of GOODSOUND Acoustic Group.

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The leaders were deeply attracted by the high-quality sound insulation products and design concepts in the product exhibition hall. The acoustic products perfectly combine function with decorative aesthetics. The acoustic products are widely used in commercial and home improvement, practical and beautiful, and the market development space is broad, with promising prospects.

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During the conversation, the leaders learned that GOODSOUND Acoustic Group is an acoustic science popularization base in Nanhai District, receiving more than 2,000 visitors every year. Director Chen mentioned that Nanhai District is about to build a life education museum, which can increase the science popularization experience related to acoustics and life education. In the future, visitors can feel the impact of extremely quiet space and extremely dark space on life, and at the same time bring a good sound quality experience. By the way, we can also display the product promotion of our Nanhai enterprise, so that more people can know about the science popularization education of sound and life health, so as to bring more profound inspiration and experience to acoustic knowledge.

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As an industry leader, GOODSOUND Acoustic Group has been committed to leading the field of architectural acoustic design, sound absorption, sound insulation and noise reduction with technological innovation. GOODSOUND Acoustic Group has participated in the compilation of acoustic design standards for many spaces for 16 years, and has many scientific research achievements, patented products and various qualifications. It is a complete assembly enterprise integrating design, production, sales and construction in the industry.

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GOODSOUND Acoustic Group thanks the leaders of the district and town for their care and support. We will cherish this care and continue to strive to make greater breakthroughs in technological innovation and Product Research & Development, and contribute to the steady and rapid development of the architectural acoustics industry.

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