The Huawei Tsinglan school

The Huawei Tsinglan school is an international school co-founded by Shenzhen Huawei and Tsinghua University. After the school opened, it sought help due to classroom acoustic problems. After testing, the 500Hz average reverberation time of the classroom before the transformation was 3.9 seconds, which was 4 times higher than the national standard value. Therefore, there were problems such as large classroom echo, poor listening effect, and difficulty in guaranteeing teaching effects.

To this end, Tiange Acoustics formulated a deepening plan for acoustic decoration design for Tsinglan school, and provided it with a special sound-absorbing module product independently developed by our company for teaching places. After acoustic modification, the reverberation time of each classroom is reduced to 0.7 seconds, which is in line with national standards.

In view of the particularity of the school site, in order not to affect normal classes, Tiange Acoustics completed the first phase of the 52 classroom acoustic renovation project within the seven-day National Day holiday; the second phase of the 53 classrooms also used non-class time in a short period of time The construction transformation was completed, which ensured the normal progress of teaching work.

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