Laos Cinema

Laos Cinema

GOODSOUND Acoustics undertakes a cinema project in Laos, mainly responsible for the acoustic decoration design and construction.

In principle, regarding the reverberation time in the audience hall of the cinema, no matter what type of cinema, the short reverberation with strong sound absorption and the flat reverberation frequency should be used to make the sound of the film recording as true as possible. However, considering the different requirements for reverberation and the different volume of the auditorium, the reverberation time should be different according to the volume.

With an effective area of about 1,760㎡ and seating capacity of 126, the auditorium has been designed and constructed by TianGe Acoustics, an overall solution service provider of the acoustic environment. The reverberation time (full-field) of the audience hall is 0.7 s, which meets the requirement of the design index and fully satisfies the use of the cinema function.

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