Mongolian Multifunctional Hall Acoustic Design Project

Mongolian Multifunctional Hall Acoustic Design Project

GOODSOUND Acoustics has become the choice of many engineering projects for its brand recognition and good industry reputation in the industry. GOODSOUND Acoustics was invited to provide acoustic design for a multi-functional hall in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, including the supply of sound absorbing materials.
As the acoustic environment integrated solution provider, TianGe Acoustics begins with the guiding principles of architectural acoustic design for multi-purpose halls:
1. Sufficient loudness and language definition are guaranteed in the multi-function hall.

2. The multi-function hall has good sound quality fullness for language performances.

3. The sound field distribution in the multi-function hall is as uniform as possible without sound quality defects that interfere with the listening.

4. Control the background noise of the multi-function hall to reach the allowable standard.

Then, the acoustic design designer with rich experience and professional knowledge tailored the acoustic design scheme to the site. Finally, according to the actual demand, the sound-absorbing products with the best sound absorption effect and the decorative effect were selected. The sound-absorbing materials such as fireproof wood veneer finish, perforated acoustic panel, grooved acoustic panel, fabric acoustic panel etc., and the production and transportation of sound-absorbing materials are completed within a prescribed time.

Finally, the project was successfully completed and highly recognized by the customer. After testing, the sound absorption effect of the multi-purpose hall reached the expected level.

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